We are growing our student leaders!

We believe that volunteering, serving, leading as students is critical to growing into compassionate, hard-working, individuals who contribute in a positive way to society!

Individuals who are interested in serving on one of the teams at Lytehouse can apply using the form below.  

Current Opportunities

Welcome Team

This team serves in helping to welcome Students at Friday evening events.

Set Up Team

This team serves in helping to set up all of the vibrant atmosphere of LYM on regular Friday and special events.

Cafe Team

This team helps to set up pre-service snacks/coffee/hot chocolate and assists in serving the evening snacks after services.

Parent Team

This team of parents help to plan extra events, provide support behind the scenes on Fridays and offer security/chaperoning for events.

Additional Opportunities

If you are not interested in serving on one of these teams but would like to serve in a leadership role at Lytehouse through another method, please contact us. 

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